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On October 8-9, 2019 Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service and Tambov State University will host an international scientific-practical conference "International Academic cooperation: Problems and Perspectives".
Today is the first day of the conference, with great scientific and practical articles. Rector of the Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service MEPolatov gave warm remarks about the conference and further development of international cooperation in the system of higher education in Uzbekistan. opened the conference with comments on the need to increase such international scientific-practical conferences.
The conference was also attended by professors and teachers from many foreign countries. In particular, on the theme: "High efficiency in the development of multicultural education" by prof. Christina DeCoursey (Silc Road International University of Tourism, Uzbekistan) "Collaborating with the EU: The Promise and the Problems of Erasmus" by Serafimovski Borche (MSU imr G.Rerjavina, Severnaya Macedonia) Teaching links between Uzbekistan ”and professors and teachers, such as Dulikun Nusilati (People's Republic of China), made the conference even more encouraging. The conference will last until October 9th.