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It should be noted that the measures taken to reform and strengthen the banking and financial system of the republic contributed to increasing the level of capitalization of banks, expanding lending to the economy, expanding the range of banking services provided, as well as increasing the role of the banking system in the development of the country's economy.

 At the same time, the tasks of further improving the quality of banking services and dramatically improving the working methods of commercial banks continue to remain relevant in order to establish full-fledged partnerships with business entities and strengthen the confidence of the population and business entities in the banking system as a reliable institutional partner.

 November 8 this year, students of the 1st course of the educational direction “Banking” under the guidance of the assistant of the department “Banking” Azimova R.I.  as part of an on-site lesson, they visited Alokabank JSCB.  The bank’s deputy managing director, Jalolov Otabek Ibrahimovic, held a round table discussion with students on ongoing reforms and changes in the banking sector.  During the conversation, it was said about the approval of the new version of the Law “On Banks and Banking Activities” at the 23rd plenary meeting of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, held on October 11, 2019, about the amendments and additions to this legislative act.  The round-table discussion aroused great interest among students and during the conversation students actively participated with a variety of questions regarding banking.