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Healthy Environment - Human Health

On November 28 this year, a round table was held at the Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service with students on the topic “Healthy Environment - Human Health”. This round table was attended by a therapist of the highest category, F. Mukhammadiev, psychiatrist Z. Murtazaeva, lawyer of the Institute N. Ochilova. The meeting was opened by the vice-rector for educational work of the Institute K.J. Mirzaev.

            Vice-rector for educational work of the Institute K.J. Mirzaev personally talked about current medical and legal problems and their solutions, and also noted that they can receive answers to their questions from specialists. After that, the lawyer of the institute N. Ochilova reported on the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the Protection of Women from Harassment and Violence” of November 2, 2019 and presented the essence of the Cabinet of Ministers resolution of November 20, 2019 “On measures to ensure the employment of women and further improve the development of entrepreneurship among them. "

            N. Ochilova, a lawyer at the institute, described in detail the rights and opportunities of students on the basis of these provisions that every woman in our country has long been respected and that their rights are properly protected in the country. and explained how their rights are protected from all forms of harassment and violence. During the round table, therapist of the highest category F. Mukhammadieva provided the students with the necessary medical information on the topic “Women's health of reproductive age and healthy lifestyle”.

            Psychiatrist Z.A. Murtazaeva informed students on the topic “Prevention of autonomic and neurotic disorders”. Students provided our girls with the necessary information on how to prevent the disease and how to treat it. At the end of the round table, I.R. Berdikulova, Chairwoman of the Women's Committee of the Institute considered issues of legal culture, a healthy lifestyle and ethics of each of the women working in our institute. She said that it was their responsibility and their duty to have the appropriate knowledge and skills and always respect them.

            In addition, I.R. Berdikulova congratulated all women with disabilities on the upcoming International Day of Persons with Disabilities who work and study at our institute. In particular, they emphasized their active participation in the life of our society, emphasizing each of their achievements in the learning process.

            In particular, despite the fact that Eshkuvatova Nodira, a 2nd year student at the institute, has limited opportunities, she also engages in entrepreneurial activity, attracting people with disabilities to her. She emphasized that this gives them a chance to win. The round table was followed by lively questions and answers.