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      1.1. The department "Working with youths, culture and enlightenment" (afterwards - department) is the department which responsible for improving cultural virtues in students and stabilising being performed spiritual and educational processes in terms of the idea of national independence and the ideology of independence in the institute.

      1.2. Department is formed under the order of Uzbekistan Republic Higher and Secondary Education Department in the institute.

      1.3. Responsibility for the Department activity is entrusted to the first pro-rector on spiritual and moral education.

      1.4. The Department carries out its activity according to the normative documents of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Supreme Assembly and the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education and this Statute.



      2.1. In terms of creating healthy generation who are intellectual, well-rounded and serve for the country and its benefits, all activities should be stabilized and guidance should be performed;

      2.2. Implementation of the conditions for the students, masters and young teachers to find their place in life, their work in the direction of the interests of the Motherland, based on their commitment and responsibility to patriotism, the interests of the state.

      2.3. To discover the individual who has a personal opinion, who lives with the great historical heritage of our ancestors and modern thinking, who are patriot, humane, national self-recognized, who are proud of their national dignity and commitment to their own nation, who has an ability to respect faith, compassion, purity and calmness in people. who can receive these feelings and live in them, who has respect for parents, loyalty to the family, generosity, an ability to distinguish justice and good deeds from disdainfulness and evil;

      2.4. Formation and development of ideological immunity against threatening movements to the independence of the country and various destructive ideas, development and improvement of psychological technologies in this area;

      2.5. Implementation and explanation of the Decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Resolution of the Supreme Assembly and the Cabinet of Ministers to the students, professors and teachers;

      2.6. Regularly conduct sociological research and monitoring to identify students' spiritual-moral levels and cultural needs;

      2.7. Work with law enforcement agencies in order to implement legal education and prevent abuse;

      2.8. Formation of students' political culture, outlook, morality, political maturity, moral perfection and social activity; educating students in the spirit of respect for the Motherland and nation, respect for national and universal values; developing and implementing spiritual and educational programs aimed at educating as free, independent, creative thinking people;

      2.9. Organization of practical meetings of leaders of the institute and students who live in residential and lease housing;

      2.10. Organizing and conducting round tables, meetings, parties on spiritual, educational, artistic and creative subjects in student's homes;

      2.11. Ensure regular access to wall newspapers for the holidays of our Motherland and students' life at the Institute;

      2.12. Establishing and operating art and artistic groups, artistic and theatrical collectives in different directions, based on the interests of the students of the Institute;

      2.13. Ensure active participation of professors and teachers in various spiritual, educational and cultural events held at the republican, regional and city levels;

      2.14. Organization of competitions, festivals, and contests on various spiritual, educational, public-political, artistic, sport-recreational issues of the Institute;

      2.15 Coordinate the activities of the institutes, which are competent in the spiritual education of students;

      2.16. To propagandize the ideas of spirituality and national independence among the students of the institute - to create sections on topics in the department and to make proposals on increasing education, spiritual and educational activities.



      3.1. Direct involvement of deans, dean assistants and faculty professor as well as teachers in spiritual and educational activities with the approval of the vice-rector on educational work.

      3.2. Providing the Academic Council and the Council for the Social-Humanitarian Education and Spiritual Works Council with information on the results of the study of the condition of the spiritual and educational works carried out at faculties and departments of the Institute;

      3.3. Providing financial support and incentives for the poor students, who are in need of material and spiritual help, and active members of the sections under the Deparment;

      3.4. In terms of direct working with young people, deans instructions to their assistants on spiritual and educational matters.



      4.1. In order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the department's activities, we recommend that you keep the following documentation:

·        Department Statute;

·        annual work plan and Programmes relevant different events;

·        decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, Decrees, Orders and Resolutions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education;

·        orders of the Rector of the Institute, instructions and decisions of the Academic Council;

·        documents on "Day of Spirituality";

·        certificates, recommendations and application documents;

·        documents on the activities of spiritual and educational activities and fur-coat activities;

·        students of the institute and their contents;

·        documents for students and their living in rented accommodation;

  • incoming and outgoing letters, book and application registration book;
  • quarterly and annual reports;

      4.2. In order to effectively function of the department, the following conditions will be created by the Institute:

·        work cabinet, cabinet and office equipment;

·        computer labs;

·        television, audio / video equipment;

·        telephone number (internal and external network);

strength of sound reproduction and necessary musical instruments.