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Berdimurodov Azizjon

Reception hours: Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00

Saturday 09:00 - 15:00

Phone: 97-917-74-14

Position responsibilities:

to provide the departments of the institute with qualified personnel together with the heads of the departments;

to analyze the issues of staff turnover and make suggestions on these issues;

participate in the preparation of personnel documents together with other department heads;

to ensure the safety of the personal files of faculty, staff and undergraduate and graduate students working at the institute;

determine the time of the competition for professors and teachers and control the preparation of information;

organization of preparation of certificates and information for the staff of the institute;

preparation of reports on personnel issues to the Ministry of Higher Education and other reporting organizations;

overseeing the maintenance of employee workbooks by department supervisors;

oversee the preparation and submission of draft orders for recruitment, dismissal, and reshuffle to management;

control over the storage and maintenance of diploma forms received from the Ministry of Higher Education;

control over the registration of orders prepared by the deans of the faculties;

control of academic reference forms received from the Ministry of Higher Education;

to monitor the dismissal of employees for violations of labor discipline in agreement with the trade union;

monitor the performance of supervisors in the human resources department;

monitor the movement of personal files available in the student affairs department and student cards opened for each student;

oversee the timely submission of all reports prepared by the human resources department;

to control the transfer of personal documents of dismissed employees and graduates to the archive;

to control the acceptance of personal documents of 1st year (bachelor) and master's students and those admitted to the second higher education from the admissions committee every year.