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General provisions

  1. The Council of Young Scientists at the Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service (SEMIES) is a group of scientists, specialists in the field of information and communication technologies, experienced professionals and public organizations of young scientists, combining research and development youth with their research work on a systematic basis orientation, continuing the traditions of existing academic schools and the creation of new academic schools, the scientific and socially-creative scientific creativity of young scientists support, the Institute of fundamental, applied research and innovation to improve the quality of education through the development and training of scientific and artistic achievements of young scientists, to ensure sustainable development to promote the implementation of the assistance.
  2. The Council of Young Scientists at SamIES (hereinafter - the Council) is a public organization formed by scientists, scientists, IT specialists, senior researchers, independent researchers, and masters students (later - young scientists).
  3. 1.3. Using the opportunities of the Council, young scientists will contribute to the development of creative activity, the development of their specialties, the scientific and practical solutions to the most important scientific and practical problems in the socio-economic development of the country, and to help young researchers to provide material and spiritual support and fully demonstrate their abilities and capabilities. and create conditions.
  4. 1.4. The Council's activities include the Concept of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and other laws defining the main directions and activities of the young scientists' social organization, the National Program for the Training of Personnel, the orders, decrees and instructions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan according to this Provision.
  5. 1.5. In its activity, the Council submits and reports to the Institute, MHSSE.
  7. 2.1. The main purpose of the Council is to encourage young people to pursue scientific research in the system of higher education, to continue the traditions of existing academic schools and to form new academic schools, to support young professionals in their professional and socially-meaning scientific and creative activities, integration of young people who are constantly engaged in scientific research on the basis of consistent development of production integration, the academicians of the institute, the largest enterprise in the field of information technologies and communications to support the development of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff training by the management of their organizations and their expertise and their interests in social spheres.
  8. 2.2. Involving young scientists in scientific, fundamental, applied and innovative research activities, which are useful for the country's science, with the help and advice of scientists and specialists of the institute, promoting the sustainable development of the national economy, promotion of the spirituality and culture of our people.
  9. 2.3 Formation of teacher-student system in the organization and implementation of scientific research works on the priority directions of science through the activities of young scientists.
  10. 2.4. To develop and strengthen cooperation with the Academy of Science, research institutions and other research centers, to strengthen the creative activity of young scientists, to facilitate scientific conferences and workshops.
  11. 2.5. The initiative is to summarize the results of scientific research of young scientists and to search for new forms of their involvement in the institutions of MHSSE.
  12. 2.6. Planning and all-round assistance to young scientists' scientific trips to participate in national and international scientific conferences.
  13. 2.7. Establishment of effective international cooperation with young scientists in leading scientific centers and foreign colleges, establishment of scientific cooperation with leading foreign scientific centers and institutions, joint scientific researches, participation in conferences, seminars and other scientific events, to publish articles in magazines.
  14. 2.8. The results of scientific researches of young scientists are regularly reviewed by the scientists, experienced specialists, grants of the state grants, participation of young scientists in grants of foreign countries and economic contracts, publication of the best and republican research results in magazines and institutes of the institute.

2.9. To give advice on encouraging young scientists who have achieved high results in their work.2.10. Collecting information about grant-sponsoring organizations that support young scientists' activities and informing younger learners about them.


3.1. Scientists of the Council, experienced specialists, representatives of educational institutions, academicians, graduate students, are approved by the institute. 3.2. The Council for Education in the Broadcasting Authority will be retained for a period of up to two years from the date of its promulgation in the community.

3.3. The Council meets once in a row.

3.4. During the period between the meetings of the Council, the operational issues of its activities are decided by the Council Secretariat.

3.5. Chairman of the Council:

- is the official representative of the Council, within its competence organizes and directs all matters of the Council, interacts with other bodies of the Council, signs documents relating to the activities of the Council;

- Makes decision on the date and agenda of the meetings of the Council;

- protects the demands and desires of young scientists from higher education institutions on behalf of the Council;

- Reports on the Board of Directors' meetings once in a year;

- Every semester the report of the Scientific Council at the Institute reports on the goals and objectives of the Program, the implementation of the work plan - the general activity.

3.6. Based on the results of the annual report, the Council has the power to suspend its mandate and to elect a new chairman.

3.7. Decision on suspension or resignation of the Chairman shall be made by secret ballot, if at least one thirds of the members cast their vote, at least two-thirds of the members vote for the termination.

3.8. When the Chairman of the Council is on a business trip, sickness or vacation, his duties are fulfilled by the Deputy Chairman of the Council.

3.9. The chairperson and secretary of the Council are financially and spiritually encouraged by the Institute.


4.1. The Council in its activities:

- develops and approves its plans for the current year and listens to their performance information. Approves plans of the Council, scientific conferences, seminars, listens to information on the preparation and conduct of events.

- Young scientists regularly organize lectures of the institute's scientists and experienced specialists.

- Organizes the publication of popular science-related materials on topical issues of information and communication technologies development in the mass media (TV, radio, newspaper and magazines).

- Invites young scientists to send their proposals to the Ministry of Culture and Information of Uzbekistan and to the leadership of the institute for international scientific researches and internships, participation in international scientific conferences.

- listens to the information of young specialists who are trained at foreign scientific centers and institutions at the Council meetings.

- Provides recommendations for awarding the best works of young scientists to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of Uzbekistan and to the leadership of the institute.

- The Institute publishes information on achievements and achievements of young scientists.

- review and discuss proposals for amendments to the composition of the Council.

4.2. To the SAMIES Scientific Council on the following topics:

- Awarding of high achievers in the scientific work of scientists, senior scientific researchers, independent researchers and young specialists;

- Providing financial assistance to scholars of the institute, senior researchers, independent researchers and other young scientists;

- Creation of the necessary conditions for the academic research of the Institute's scientists, senior researchers, researchers, independent researchers and young scientists;

 - make proposals for young scientists who have successfully completed the course and defends their dissertation.


5.1 Board Members' Rights:

- Council members have equal rights and responsibilities and enjoy these rights and obligations on an equal basis.

- Participation in the meeting, submitting proposals on the Council's work to the Scientific Board of the Institute.

5.2 Duties of the Council Member:

- timely execution of resolutions, duties and tasks of the Board of Directors;

- Being committed to a voluntary, active and creative fulfillment of the duties and obligations of the Council, which is voluntary.


6.1 Assistance in the organization and planning of research work by senior researchers, researchers, graduate students and young scientists, assisting them in creating appropriate conditions for successful research, and protecting their interests within the competencies.

6.2 Timely informing the leadership of the research staff of the senior researchers, independent researchers about the problems of scientific research of young scientists and specialists and making recommendations to the management on this problem.

6.3 Assisting them with the implementation of the results of scientific research carried out by senior researchers, researchers, graduate students and young scientists, and preparing relevant proposals on this issue.


7.1 The Council shall carry out its work in accordance with the annual plan approved by the meeting of the Council and approved by the Chairman of the Council.

7.2 Meetings, meetings and other events of the Council shall be announced by the protocol signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Council. 7.3 Registration of the Council documents shall be carried out by the Secretary of the Council.

7.4 The control over the implementation of decisions is made by the Chairman of the Council.

VIII. Changes to the rules are subject to change in the majority of 2/3 of the members of the Kantashtomonidankitiyladiosnoyoznoyiobraznosti. 2/3 of the total number of participants in the group are changed to change to the system for changes to the system.


The board of directors of the Council of the Republic of Karakalpakstan is coordinated with the Institute.

Happy birthday!

Shopavalov Viktor


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